UGA Alumni Game Recap

UGA Hockey Alumni Come Home

By: Tyler Farmer

Early Saturday afternoon, long before the UGA Hockey won the Veterans Day Tournament, they reestablished the great tradition of the annual alumni game. Establishing a strong alumni network is a priority for general manager Dan Fendius, and UGA Hockey was proud to bring these players home to take the ice again. Guys came from as far as California to play in the game. We are extremely thankful that everyone came and spent the weekend with us and we hope to continue to grow this tradition year after year. This year team black held off team red to hold on to the victory. The roster listed below is in alphabetical order by last name and based on position.


  • Andrew Bray
  • Joseph Fisher


  • Joe Barry
  • Nick Carlotto
  • Clayton Demirtas
  • DJ Herr
  • Connor Kelly
  • Drew Klipp
  • Eric Patel
  • Jesse Soave
  • Scott Stubbs


  • Scott Barber
  • Erik Belonfante
  • Dan Fendius
  • Thomas Graham
  • Peter Kacer
  • Jared Reeves
  • Jonathan Robinson
  • Jason Rubenstein
  • Alfie Vick