Object – The object of the game is to shoot the puck into the opposing team's goal thus scoring a goal for your team. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

Set Up – The game is divided into 3 segments called periods. Each period is 20 minutes in length.

Intermission – Intermission is the time between periods where the players get a rest and the ice is resurfaced by the zamboni.

Rink – The rink is 200 ft by 85 ft and has a center red line that divides the rink in half, two blue lines which create three zones described below, and two goal lines that run through the goal posts to each sideboard.


Team – The team is made up of forwards, defense, and goalies. Play is typically played with 5 skaters and a goalie on the ice at a time, unless a team commits an infraction.

Center (forward) – The center is the man in the middle and takes the face-offs during the game and is responsible for scoring goals.

Right Wing (forward) – This is the man to the right of the center and is responsible for scoring goals.

Left Wing (forward) – This is the man to the left of the center and is also responsible for scoring goals.

Defenseman – There are left and right defensemen that are both responsible for stopping the opposing team from scoring and try to take the puck from the other teams forwards in our defensive zone.

Goalie – The goalie is the last line of defense and is trying to stop the opposing team from scoring a goal. He wears much more padding than most players so that he doesn’t get hurt from stopping the puck. The goalie is not allowed to cross the center ice red-line at any time during play.


Defensive Zone – This is the zone where your goalie is and where the Ice Dawgs are trying to stop the opposing team from scoring. It extends from the defending blue line to the end boards behind the Ice Dawgs goalie. It switches during the second period and is also referred to as the “D-Zone.”

Offensive Zone – This is where the Ice Dawgs are trying to score and goes from the offensive zone blue line to behind the opposing teams goalie. This zone also switches during the second period.

Neutral Zone – This is the area between the two blue lines.